SymphoNy Amps

SymphoNy Amps is an Ensemble of Creative Thinkers from Different Fields

SymphoNy Music Arranger

Parashuram Sir, a stalwart in Music Production works for sandalwood industry and is primarily responsible for composing music for us. His love for music made him choose the profession of a Music Teacher and is currently imparting music lessons to many students. He is a Pro in playing Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar and Rhythm Pad. His rich experience in creating music is the cutting edge of SymphoNy Amps.

Nagamani Nagabhushan
SymphoNy Voice

It has been a living dream for Nagamani Nagabhushan to flag off SymphoNy Amps. Her conviction in Shashi that he could contribute a lot in the field of music seeing his intensity and involvement in music as she is a great lover of music too, has her involved with the young team. She will be doing the Content Writing and Voice Overs for SymphoNy Amps.

SymphoNy Technician

Sai Baba has completed his Diploma in Electrical Engineering and he is responsible for all the hardware and technical management of SymphoNy Amps. His creative thinking helps us with new ideas for our Production.

SymphoNy Art-Curator

Shailesh Manjunath who is pursuing Animation will be designing the Script, Story Board, Concepts, Animation and Sketching for all our Cinematic needs. His out of the box thinking makes his work unique.

SymphoNy Cinematographer

Shankar Venkatapathy a mountaineer by choice and an avid traveler capturing the beautiful landscapes of Bharath along with candid photography will be creating the celluloid magic for our production videos. He is the founder of Namma Karnataka Photographers portal.

SymphoNy Sound Engineer

SymphoNy Amps is the brain child of Shashikumar Shantharaju who has completed his Masters in Finance and was a service analyst. The finance field and balance sheets acted as barriers as he was into Music from his childhood. He is been playing the Tabla since the age of 15 and also has knowledge about a couple of other instruments like the Sitar, Flute, Keyboard, Harmonium, Rhythm Pad etc. So, he bid good bye to his Analyst’s job and did his Music Production course at “Live Wires” and he is a certified Music Producer and at present, is pursuing a Sound Engineering Diploma at “Audio Life School of Sound Engineering” to plunge into the ocean of Music.

He will be heading the Recording, Programming, Mixing, Mastering and all Music and Sound related works.

SymphoNy Promoter

Vedhosi Vaibhav is pursuing his masters (Software) in Dublin, Ireland has been actively involved in a lot of activities creating social awareness right from his high school and is responsible in heading various events at school and college levels. He is also a Pro in software designing there by actively promoting our Music Production. He is the Cofounder of Namma Karnataka Photographers portal.