Recording Studio Services

SymphoNy Amps was founded in Jun 2018 with Shashi and Nagamani both very passionate about music, at their residence catering to the demands from friends and family who wanted to bring out their Music labels, Voice Overs for book releases and Music Programming for small social events as they couldn’t afford bigger music production houses.

The first step of any music production is recording because only a very good recording can be scaled up and we do the best recording at SymphoNy Amps.


Programming tweaks the audio by adding Rhythm & Melody there by taking the listener to a different zone.


Mixing creates clarity in music and mixing is an art by itself as every subtle sound needs to be distinctly placed for special effects.


The end product says it all. As every process is treated with utmost care the final master copy is ready to hit the shelf to create the music magic.


We offer all Post Production works for all your Music needs.



We use different Micing techniques for Vocal and Instruments like Sitar, Guitar, Tabla, Congo, Bango, Flute and so on to give the best output.

SymphoNy Amps uses multiple mics for Vocal and other Instruments to extract its original characteristic sounds.

Programming (Music Production)

SymphoNy Amps boasts about its programming tools as we use Native Instrument products like AbSynth, Battery – 4, FM – 8, Guitar-Rig, Kontakt Library Bank, Massive, XLN Audio products like Addictive Drums - 2, Addictive Keys – 2, Spectrasonics products like Omnisphere, KeyScape, Trillian, Stylus – Rmx.

We are an experimenting team who does on spot recording to create our own samples and adapt it in music production as per the client’s requirements.

We have ability in creating different Synthesizer sounds to etch our production.


SymphoNy Amps trust in maintaining industry standards in its mixing techniques as we incorporate Waves Plugins, T-Racks Plugins, Blue Cat, Fab-Filter Bundle, Lexicon Plugins, Valhalla DSP, Neutron Advance Plugins, Native Instruments – FX Pack Drivers, Slate Digital, Sonnox Elite and NewGen Audio, IZotop Rx, IZotop Stutter Edit.

Mixing Technique: To get the best output in mixing we elicit the best recording stems and scale it up through leveling process with musical space and also automations by giving headroom to the next procedure i.e. Mastering.


Since we follow industry standards we scale up the level of the music piece from Recording to Mixing and at the Mastering level we use Ozone – Izotope 8 bundle, Waves Plugins, T-Racks Plugins followed by Stereo Mastering, Stem Mastering and Group Mastering for the best output.

Other Services

SymphoNy Amps offers its Studio for Recording, Re-recording, Post Production works like Foley Sounds, Sound Designing, ADR Services, BG Score for Jingles and Short Movies and Voice Overs for different events.